DMSA Synergy

DMSA was approved by the FDA in 1992 for the detoxing and chelation (removal) of heavy metals, specifically,
Mercury and Lead in both children and adults.

DMSA Synergy 45

DMSA Synergy
45 Capsules

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In use since the 1950s, no other substance has been found to be more practical, more safe, and more effective
for this purpose.

Some people believe that DMSA allows autisitc children to behave better, listen, and focus more, because it removes
mercury and other heavy metals from their body.

This product is manufactured in Canada to exacting standards in an FDA approved facility.

This is an over the counter supplement but it should be used under the direction of a health care professional or someone
familiar with this supplement. If you do not have access to such a person we can assist you free of charge.

Email and phone support is also available free of charge.

If you prefer to pay another way, please contact us and we will accomodate you. We accept, checks, money orders, bank
drafts, wire transfers, etc. We will find a way to accept your preferred payment method.

We will ship DMSA to any country.

Other Sizes Available

DMSA Synergy 45
DMSA Synergy 120
DMSA Synergy 220

DMSA Synergy

DMSA Synergy
90 Capsules
DMSA Synergy
200 Capsules

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